Monday, November 5, 2012

Jamberry PSA: Help End Naked Nail Syndrome

Today I have to be serious, and I need your undivided attention.  I have a very grave matter to discuss with you, and it requires the utmost attention to sensitivity, decorum, and tact.  It may sound as though this should be a light and transient issue, but it is clearly not.

There is an epidemic of monumental proportions occurring in our nation today.  It is affecting millions of women already, and the number is on the rise.  It is spreading, and many believe that it is out of our control.

Just look into the faces of those who are affected.  See their distress.  The mental anguish.  The embarrassment.  The anxiety.  The uncertainty. The dejection.

What is this pestilence which is plaguing the fine women of our illustrious country?  What is this silent killer of women's self-esteem?

Naked Nail Syndrome

That's right.  You might already be experiencing the symptoms and not even realize it.  It could already be affecting you.  Use this checklist to determine if you or someone you love might be suffering from Naked Nail Syndrome (NNS)

Please answer the following questions:

1.  Have your finger or toenails ever taken on the following naked, bland, and colorless appearance for longer than 24 hours?:

2.  Have you attempted a home remedy for this problem, only to become more distraught by the results:

3.  Have you felt compelled to visit a nail salon and spend large amounts of money on a regular basis to cure your NNS, only to experience the following:

4.  Do you feel as though there is no cure for NNS, and that you will have to learn to accept your nails in the naked and depressing state they are currently in?

You are not alone, and there is help.

Join Jamberry Nails in the fight against Naked Nail Syndrome.  With the help of Jamberry's heat-activated, toxin-free, gluten-free, affordable nail shields, you can cure NNS for good.

Help us spread the cure.  Host a party and teach your friends and family how they can rid themselves of NNS forever.  Or, better yet, become a Jamberry Independent Consultant and join us on the frontlines of the War Against NNS.  Your efforts could save millions from this life-limiting disparity.

For further information on how you can become part of The Nail Revolution and bring joy and happiness to hands and feet across America, visit my website at  or contact me at

With Jamberry, There is Hope

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