Hosting a Jamberry Party 101

Sooooo you wanna host a party!  Or maybe you're just curious about what I do at a party?  And what you'll get?  And why you'd even want to consider it?

Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start...when you read you begin with a b c when you sing...sorrrrrry hazard of also being a theater teacher).

There are three types of Jamberry Parties:

1.  In-Home.  That's where you invite friends and family to your lovely home, make yummy treats, mix up some cocktails, and I bring my tub o'stuff and entertain your guests for you.  I give you free stuff.  We play a bunch of games and  I give them free stuff for winning.  They buy and help you earn more free stuff.   I keep your party open for a week after your event so you can guilt all those people who gave you excuses for missing the free food, drinks, and nail samples into placing an order, too.

2.  Online.  I set up a Facebook event and you invite at least 50 of your FB friends.  More if you got 'em.  I spend 2 weeks entertaining your friends.  I tell them all about Jamberry.  I play scavenger hunts, and nail-naming games, and trivia games.  I ask them questions, find them nail designs they like, post a bazillion and a half pictures, and keep them interested by playing hostess games (I'd tell you what those are, but then I'd have to kill you.  Host a party and find out!!!).  For showing up and posting every day you get free stuff!  Your friends order -- and you get more free stuff!  Without having to make any treats or adult beverages (well....unless you really want to.  I've heard that turning Name that Nail into a drinking game really enhances the experience).

3.  Catalog/Basket Party:  I give you samples, materials, order forms, and catalogs in a basket/box/colorful eye-catching container and you take it around to friends, family, co-workers, and people who owe you favors and money.  You show them the catalog, or help them apply a sample, and then ask them nicely to order.  Or you use the materials at a sleepover, birthday, or other event at which you really don't want me to come and do the small talk-games-demo spiel.  In any case....I give you free stuff, and you get more free stuff when people order.

Excuses to Have a Party....I mean THEMES:

1.  Regular 'ol Jamberry Demo Party.  We call it what it is.
2.  Girls Night In/Out or whatever direction you please.    You invite girls, and we have goodies, gossip, and a good time.
3.  Mommy and Me.  You invite mothers and daughters and we make it a family affair.
4.  Birthday.  You order ahead of time so you have enough Jamberry to do everybody's nails as a party activity!  I suggest having other adults present to occupy the girls while they wait (or have Disney Channel ready to go).  Or you plan a party that falls on YOUR birthday and tell the guests all the free hostess rewards are your present.  Guilt works.  Use it to your advantage.
5.  Sleepover.  See above, only you're going to have to include scary movies, popcorn, and breakfast.
6.  Bachelorette Party/Wedding Party  Get the bride and her attendants together to do their nails the night before the big day!  Their nails will look great while they hit the town on her last night of freedom, AND the next day for the ceremony.
7.  Homecoming/Formal Dance/Prom Party.  See above.  Only they're all going to a formal and there shouldn't be any drinking, strippers, or shenanigans the night before.
8.  Spa Day/Night.  Let's just pamper ourselves.  Scrubs, oils, face masks, cucumbers, and pretty nails.  This works best when guests pre-order their nails so they have a full set to apply.
9.  Mix it up.  For the advanced hostess and party guests -- a party all about Jamberry styles that include layering, mixing, and cutting.  I use samples to demo the many ways you can use Jamberry outside of the box.
10.  Holiday.  I can theme your party to any holiday that might be occurring on or around the date.  You can Wrap Your Nails for Christmas, or have a Nail Costume Party for Halloween.  You can Share the Jam Love for Valentine's Day, or Wear your Pride on Your Hands for Independence Day.  I'm creative...I can make it work.

The Free Stuff:


From your Hostess Tic Tac Toe game:

An additional half-priced item
An additional free sheet
A bottle of cuticle oil
An extra special secret prize

From your booking rewards you could get:

TOP SECRET -- you have to get 3 parties booked from yours to find out!

From your guests' orders you could get:

Now make merry and earn thyself FREE JAMBERRY!


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