Uhhhh Why Would I Want to Join Your Team?

Ohhh let me count the ways!

First and foremost, because I am AMAZING and you know it.

Ohhh.  You don't?  Fine then.  We'll continue THAT conversation later.

Let's talk FAQ's

1.  How much am I gonna make?

At Jamberry, and independent consultant's commission is 30% of the retail value of the products.  Always.  No changes, no gimmicks.  30%.  No matter your rank, no matter how much you've sold for the month.  Everybody makes 30%.

2.  How much product do I have to buy every month to stay active?

What???  NONE.  To remain an active consultant, you have to SELL 600 PRV of product in a rolling 12 months.  In normal-person-speak, that means you have to sell $600 worth of product in a 12-month period.  You aren't going to be buying it yourself....that's what the customer does when she sees your awesome product.  There is NO requirement for consultants to purchase products to remain active in the company.

3.  What is this "PRV" of which you speak?

Ohhhh sales-people jargon.  Crash course:  PRV stands for Personal Retail Volume.  It's equal to 100% of the retail price of the products you sell.  It's how Jamberry measures your sales and gives you promotions, rewards, and benefits, including business supply credit, free product credit, monthly incentives and the Jamberry incentive trip (Cancun this year, baby!!!!).

4.  How many parties am I gonna have to force people to have?

Force???  No way.  People WANT to have Jamberry parties.  You can offer them three ways: In-home, Online, or Catalog/Basket.  You can also offer fundraisers, do vendor/temporary sales events, and host your own parties (and get the rewards!!!!).   Jamberry business is done through your own personal website, so you can also collect retail orders outside of parties.  It also means orders can be shipped directly to your customers so you don't have to sort and deliver.

The number of parties you have per month is entirely up to you.  There's no minimum requirement through Jamberry.  Of course, the more parties or events you have, the higher your sales, and the bigger your commission.  But it's all up to you and your goals!

5.  What's this gonna cost me?

I'm not supposed to say in the presence of a lady.  You can learn about the cost of the consultant kit here.  Better yet, contact me and we'll talk about all the saucy details.

BTW...ask me how you can earn 25% to 50% off that kit.  I'd loooooove to tell you.

6.  What am I gonna get for signing up?

STUFF!  Your consultant kit comes with:

50 Catalogs
50 Brochures
100 Order Forms
Rubber Cuticle Pusher
50 Orange Sticks
5 Crystal Files
Mini Heater
Alcohol Wipes
Consultant Guide
3 Buffers
3 Sets of Scissors
50 Sample Cards
1 Sheet of Jamberry Nails
Credit to Order 3 Sheets of Nails of Your Choosing
3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website 

7.  Am I gonna sign up and never hear from you or anybody else again?

Not a chance!  You'd be joining a large, supportive team with many training opportunities (and one heck of a facebook group page).  I'll be there every step of the way helping you to set up your parties, market yourself, and find opportunities to sell Jamberry.  We'll talk nearly every day, and I'll offer you rewards and incentives for reaching your goals!  I'll probably even send you a Christmas card!  You know you want one of THOSE.

Plus, Jamberry offers a great rewards program for consultants who are in their first three months of selling Jamberry!  It's called the Fast Start.  It's designed to help you really get on your feet by not only showing you how to set clear sales goals, but also giving you free products and cash when you reach those goals to help you build inventory and materials!  During that time you'll also be invited to company Webinars to learn tips and techniques to help you on your way (if you can't make the actual webinar, they'll send you a link. I promise they won't make a circle and cry out "Bah Ram You" if you can't listen to the conference call).

Okkkkk....so did I cover everything?  If not, please contact me at mynailsjam@gmail.com and ask away.  I'm at your service. Your beck and call.  Your wish is my command.  Your....I'm out of cliches.  Just message me.  Or visit my site to learn more or start your business now!


  1. Im also a high school English teacher and I just signed up to sell Jamberry in Canada!

  2. So how can I save 25 to 50 percent off of the kit????

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    2. Did anyone every answer your question?

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  4. how to i get 25 to 50 % off the vehicle

    1. Hello, I'm not sure if anyone has contacted you, hopefully they have, but if not I'm here to help. If you are still interested in Jamberry please contact me at katrinafolsomsnails@gmail.com

    2. I'm sorry, email was typed in wrong. It's katrinafolsomnails@gmail.com
      I would love to help

  5. How do I get 25 to 50% off a starter kit?

    1. Hello! I'm not sure if anyone is posting on here anymore or if someone has contacted you, but if not I can help! If you are still interested in selling Jamberry I can help! Email me katrinafolsomsnails@gmail.com

    2. Hello! I'm sorry my email was typed wrong. It's katrinafolsomnails@gmail.com
      I would love to help!!

  6. what is the extra items you can buy and quantities? Like the Catalogs, Sample cards, Orange sticks, Nail files, ect to keep your business going. If you can give me a list of the items and prices I would greatly appreciate it :)

    1. I don't know if anyone answered your questions, but if not I would love to help you out! Everything you need will be included in your started kit and can be reordered anytime! Contact me for more information p.squires2014@yahoo.com

  7. Hi! So how do i join YOUR group? I signed up about a year ago and i heard from the lady i signed under maybe once or twice. I havnt sold $600prv so this may be the last month i am active, but i had no idea i was still a consultant! I just got an email saying i had a month left.

    1. Hello. Have you had the chance to reach out to anyone about signing up? If not, you can email me at shanna.clemons03@gmail.com
      I would love to help