What ARE Jamberry Anyway?

I am sooooo glad you asked.  Let's start HERE:

Jamberry Nail Shields are heat-activated vinyl nail wraps.  You heat 'em up with a personal heater or your blow dryer and stick 'em on your nails.  Yes.  Really.  No....really.

Like this:

Get your materials (nail shields, blow dryer, scissors, cuticle pusher, rubbing alcohol, nail file), then  heat your shield, apply and press, press, press....and keep it up until your nails are all covered with gorgeousness.

Orrrrrrr you can try out one of my hostess's favorite methods.  She does all of the above....only she adds wine.  And the awesome rice bag I made for her.  She then also covers her nails in gorgeousness.

Got it yet?  Really?  Ohhhh, so you're more of a hands-on learner?  Okkkk....so like THIS:

Glad we got that covered!

So, I know what you're going to ask next:  Do they really last as long as you say they do?  Yeppers.  Check it out:

The Everlasting 21 Day Zebra Pinky Nail (courtesy of Tiffany Thomas).  It was still on there another week after this photo was taken.   **Most of us get 10 days out of a fingernail application.  Tiffany is somewhat a freak of nature. In a good way.

A toe application after 6 weeks.  You can even see the growth of the nail bed in the bottom pic.  

Aaaand I know what else you're about to say.  "I've seen these at the Dollar Store/Walmart/Target/My Nail Salon."  Nuh uh.  I promise you haven't.  And these outlast all of those.  Here are a couple of Jam-speriments::

These two pictures compare Minx, Jamberry, and the dollar store brand.  From left to right:  Jamberry Gold Leopard Tip is on the pinky; Minx Gold Leopard is on the ring finger (and the thumb), a dollar store black and white geometric pattern is on the middle finger, and Jamberry Black and White Houndstooth is on the pointer finger.  

This is what they looked like on the day she applied them.  Perfect!  

And this is what they looked like less than 48 hours later!  The Minx were scratched and the tips were lifting.  The Minx thumb had actually chipped.  The dollar store brand was chipped and had lifted at the cuticle.  The Jamberry?  Still in place and looking just like they did when she put them on. 

And this set of photos compares Jamberry and Kiss nails.  She is wearing Jamberry Amethyst Sparkle on the pinky, middle finger, and thumb, and Kiss purple stars on the ring and pointer fingers.

Here they are the day she applied them.  They look almost identical.  She said the main thing that bothered her, though, was that the Kiss nails smell really horrible (very chemical odor).
Here they are 7 days later.  She took them off because the Kiss had chipped and lifted so much.  Jamberry still in place!

Okay, class.  Any questions? Good.  Now go check out the more than 300 designs in preparation for my "OMGoodness how the heck am I supposed to choose?" lecture.    You are dimissed.

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